Monday, August 8, 2011

it's been a little crazy

around my house...
camp, visitors, cleaning, cooking, children
summer, school (not elementary, med)
crafting, etsy, birthdays, the daily grind, blah blah blah

you get the drill

so i needed a little release and what better way to have
a litte R & R than by crafting?!

i know school is about to start again and i needed a little something for
the end of summer/september month so i came up with this...

meet "A is for Apple"

so so easy
just grab an apple template
and cut out your felt piece
(and this can be done with ANY shape)
embroidered it onto fabric of your choice
next, i glued on the stem and leaf

then i thought it needed a little
something to offset the perfect centered apple
so i grabbed some linen, shredded the sides a bit
and stitched the words "learn"
throw it into your favorite glass-less (is that a word?)
frame and voila. you have some new school/september decor

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*later this week...back to school cookies, birthday ideas, and check back on the 17th for a giveaway!*



  1. So cute! This would make an awesome teacher gift as well!

  2. Such a cute idea Gen! I love it. You are so creative!

  3. This is cute, a lovely lime colored pear would be nice too!

  4. So cute!!! This would be a great teacher gift.
    following you now

  5. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing @'Sew Cute Tuesday'! I'll be featuring you tomorrow, so be sure to stop by and grab a 'featured' button!

  6. Found you via Oopsey Daisy - so glad I've come across your blog! I'll be back for sure!


    Reasons To Skip The Housework {The Blog}
    Tinker B Boutique {The Shop}


  7. This is absolutely adorable!! I featured this post on my blog today. Here is the link:

    Thanks for inspiring! I love apples and all things school-related! (I used to teach school!)

    Have a great day!


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