Wednesday, January 11, 2012

enjoying the ride

i've been lacking on updating this little blog for awhile
and not gonna lie, i've liked it.
towards the end of the year i was feeling overwhelmed
too much stuff was going on.
ya it gets crazy around the holidays
but one of my new year's resolutions was to just

slow. down.

enjoy life. quit looking ahead. take each day as it comes.
relax about being a mom, the house doesn't always need to be clean
three homemade meals a day is a little much, and the kids are just that,
so along with enjoying the small things,
(which sounds easy, but isn't when life feels complicated)
comes less blogging, less pinterest, less facebook, less screen-time
and more playing kitchen, and wrestling, and dancing to Tangled 100 times a day
and more learning, drawing, and just plain being silly.

if you need a little push into getting back in touch with what's important
a great book to help you is "mitten strings for God"
it's heartfelt and warm.
i love it.

i feel good, this is a good start to the mother i truly want to be.
i'm journaling all about being a mother and i hope to one day give it
to my sweet little girl. because she may have questions about how to do it all.
and you know what? it's ok to not do it all. to just be good at one thing everyday
and helping my children build their little memories of childhood everyday
is what i'm striving for now.

so here's to new beginnings, and trying to be more patient and more understanding
and put very simply...

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  1. oh i love you gen...i couldn't agree more with everything you said. thank you for the reminder! i am trying to do the same...i have some work to do at this point in my life:) and i love that you are keeping a journal on mothering for cadence to read one day. that will be so priceless to her!! i miss you tons. love ya!


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