Wednesday, February 22, 2012

dreaming of spring

it's still full-blown 
winter here in michigan
and i'm finding myself 
dreaming of brighter days full of new buds, 
the smell of spring rain and barefeet
bugs, baby birds, sidewalk chalk, and lemon water

i know too well that my 
dreaming is getting ahead of itself
but pinterest sure puts me in the 
springy mood.
maybe there will be 
a miracle and it won't 
be months before i experience 
these beautiful things...

this just looks heavenly doesn't it?

i want to hang these up
in every nook and cranny of my house

i want to spend the whole afternoon
here with my kids

i want to make these with my babes
and watch their amazement as birdies flutter and fly

i want to pick these up
at the local farmer's market

i want a giant bowl of these
for months to come

and a little something
{for myself}

a new spring hair-do
lighten it up!

a perfect dress

and of course
a new pair of these

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