Thursday, May 19, 2011

quilt market

hello, gentri here!
i am so excited to tell you about quilt market
i was able to go because of one
amazing friend of mine
Megan from QuiltStory

it was ridiculous
and since i'm new to all of this
i don't think i quite understand the scale of it
but i do know this...
it was beyond cool
i couldn't stop gasping from all the eye candy
and there are so many talented people
i wish i had half the talent they have

one of the first booths
was riley blake
they had a fabric tree and everything
so pretty

i didn't write down every booth
these pictures are from
i just had too much fun taking snapshots
of beautiful handmade things!

darling fabric strawberries
i would love a basket of these on my counter

oh how i love all things fabric and flowers

i heart these amazing fabric friends

i love this family tree
it even had their names written on each leaf

my little lady would look
darling in a drees like this

such a chic booth

this quilt was called "laundry day"
i totally want one

and this was my favorite booth
it was by basic grey
go see their stuff
you will not be disappointed!

i love ice cream
so these were a natural hit for me

and last but not least
on the ends are sisters Heather and Megan from QuiltStory
and Sara from SewSara
these girls are so talented it's amazing
they let them call me their friend

they are my dear friends...
i miss you too beyond words
thanks again Megan
you are lovely and one amazing friend


  1. I didn't see that cute family tree...WAY CUTE!! It was overwhelming huh??? I am so happy I was able to see you and you were able to come be a part of it all!! Miss you!

  2. awwww i love those last two pics -- i'm totally stealing them for myself. Mine didn't turn out as good.
    can i please see you before you head back to MI??!



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