Sunday, May 29, 2011

teacher appreciation gift

i saw these darling crayon initials awhile back
before i had kids in school
and thought what a darling idea for a teacher gift
i especially love it for preschool teachers
because crayons are used a lot in school lessons
you can find a great tutorial here

or you can follow my super simple tips
(because i'm so not a perfectionist)
and make one yourself in a jiffy

first step: get a piece of cardstock and trace a block letter of your choice
(my letter was C because the teacher's name was miss celeste)

second step: get a giant box of crayons (they do not have to be new)
and start snapping them in the various lengths you need

third step: essentially you are just going to fill up
your block letter with crayons...i had both ends on both sides
because i liked the variety and i didn't clean up the edges
i thought the messed up look went a little better with the whole crayon idea

fourth step: after mapping out exactly where you're going
to lay down the crayons, i removed one row at a time and hot-glued them down
any heavy duty glue will work and maybe hot-glue wasn't the best choice but
like i said, i'm totally not a perfectionist

final step: stick it in a frame or shadowbox
i had an empty 8X10 lying around and it worked perfectly

i'm really happy with how it turned out
and apparently the teacher did too
(she shed a few tears, special people those preschool teachers are!)

i also thought this would be so cute in a child's room
or in a playroom, except you could frame the letters A,B,C
i'd love to hear if you tried it out yourself!


  1. SO CUTE!!! Awesome idea!

    Newest follower from Love Stiched!

  2. Greetings from Love Stitched! You girls are so creative. Even if I don't win the giveaway on Love Stitched I plan on getting one of your wreaths! So cute!!

  3. Aww! I really love this! I think I may try this out for my nephew's room! So adorable!

    {Stopping by from Love Stitched...absolutely love ya'lls blog! }


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