Wednesday, June 29, 2011

for your red hot fourth!

i like to add a little fun around the holidays
yet i like to keep things simple
and simple means minimal time
there are so many fabulous ideas on the web
for the fourth of july
a lot of them made me think of my kids
and how they would smile from ear to ear
i love it when my kids
get excited over the simplest things
like throwing "pop-its" on the sidewalk
or dipping chocolate covered marshmallows in sprinkles

so here is some red hot eye candy
for a little diy backyard bbq

a few crafts the kids might enjoy

                                                   confetti popper rockets from alphamom

darling crowns from parents magazine

                                                table settings from hostess with the mostess
                                              (check out all of their 4th of july brunch ideas)

                                       fourth of july decor

                                                   patriotic paper lollies from make and takes

                                                   love this breezy flag...perfect for a summer
                                                        night from better homes and gardens

                                          another idea from bhg a fourth of july pennant banner
                                                      so easy and made from paint samples
                                                      i'll be hanging this bad boy on my deck

                                                     creative center piece of colored rice
                                                              also from make and takes

                           and of course some fourth sweets

                                                            delicious red white and blue
                                                       cupcake jars from the tomkat studio

                                                       yum fruit pizza from our best bites
                                               (their recipes are all delish...check them out!)

                                                            refreshing raspberry-pear sorbet
                                                             from better homes and gardens

                                                          and serious kids' favorites...
                                               these ice cream bars from the recipe depot

and dipped pretzel rods from none other than

i hope these helped get your creative juices flowing
for your red hot fourth of july party
or if you're like us and enjoying your own little family
you can definately put some effort into getting down with red, white and blue
if no one appreciates it, i know i will!!

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