Friday, July 1, 2011

DIY Chair Makeover

This is Brayli and I am finally able to do my first post which I am very excited about. My very talented sister has been taking over the blog while my husband and I move into our first house. We are moved in and now im ready to blog!! Im thrilled to be posting about this nasty chair that I found at the D.I. It cost me a total of $8. I am really into projects that are fun and easy to do but dont cost a fortune to make! The picture above is the chair before its beautiful makeover.
I took it out back and gave it a nice coat of bright apple red spray paint that I purchased from Home Depot. I learned that spraying too close left drip marks, so make sure to stand further back when spraying.
Next, I sanded the entire thing to give it a rustic look. I sanded all the edges and on the flat surfaces. It's really up to you on how you much you want your chair sanded.

 This is how my chair looked after I took the sander to it, I wanted mine to be really worn looking!
I took a break from the chair and covered my cushion with this adorable paisley fabric. I used 1/2 yard of fabric and had a little left over. I folded it over the chair and used my handy staple gun to keep it all together!

Next I took some dark brown stain and covered the entire chair. Make sure to get it in all the cracks and sanded spaces really well. I learned that this bad boy dries quick!

After you stain your chair, take a squirt bottle full of water and spray your chair down and begin wiping down your whole chair with a cloth taking all of the stain off. Dont worry, your stain stays in all the little cracks and sanded areas!

After your chair dries completely, glue your seat cushion on and there ya go! Isn't she a beauty?? I think so! Total cost of this chair........$18.00 Tell me thats not a pretty good deal for the chair, fabric and paint!

Here are some other chairs that were purchased at a garagle sale for $5 a piece! I did the same thing to the  chairs above but added red pom poms to the bottom.

Hope you enjoy! Go out and find yourselves a chair and give it an extreme make over!
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  1. Love the colors and the other ones that you finished! I featured this on my Friday 5! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Modern Wivelyhood


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